Main Items  
Mostly Ice Cream Items   

A few sandwiches like Tenderloins and Burgers


We are family owned and operated so our items are uniquely named after our kids and grandkiddos. 


Cratty Shack ICE CREAM

Cones - Vanilla, Chocolate or Swirly.  (We can mix whatever flavors we have for you, price of Sundaes). You can have chocolate or Cherry dip or 'Jaz' it up with Crunch & Sprinkles. Daphne Dippers (New in 2016 for newest baby)

+ We have Carmen's Kiddie Cones

10 Fruits and flavors to add for Sundaes, shakes & malts and 9 different candy bits for our Cratty Crumblers.

Small, Medium or Large Sizes for these, except for our waffle cones, and Specialty Sundaes. 

Cratty Crumblers(Mixers), Sundaes, Cones, Waffle Cones + Chocolate Tipped Waffle Cones + Nuts

Home Made Ice Cream Sandwiches


Other Ice Cream Specialties

Papa Parfait

Mini Papa Parfait

Banana Split

Mini Split

Toni's Turtle

Dakota's Choco Delight

Ilia's Chocolate Monkey Tail

Chocolat'E'bar (Choc Covered Ice cream on a Stick) we also have Cherr'E'bars

Rootbeer Float

Brain Freez (Slushy)

Creamy Freez (Slushy mixed with Ice cream, like a smoothy)

Fruit Treats - Daphne Dippers (New in 2016 for newest baby)



Cratty Shack Sandwiches


Badger Burger

Cratty Patty

  (aka Charlie Special - with Pepper 'Jackson' Cheez)

Bradley Burger

  Make It a Superman Special - Add a Rootbeer Float Half Price

Big Daddy Cratty Combo

  (aka Charlie Big Combo Special: Tenderloin/Burger Combo on one bun)


Pizza Patty

And Chicken Stix also available (Ask for a Chicken Swiss if you like)

Add Pepper 'Jackson', American or Swiss cheez for 40 cents

Make any sandwich a "Screamin Eagle" for $1.00

(3 pepper habanero cheese, jalepeno with seeds and onion sauteed...yawza!!!)



 Cratty Shack  Sides


Phoebe Fries

Cratty Fries

Cheezy Bites

Jalepeno Bites